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blessed Thanksgiving

Namaste’ Blessed Thanksgiving “breathing in, I calm body. breathing out, I smile. dwelling in the present moment,  I know this is a wonderful moment."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thanksgiving, a time for gathering a time honoring those who once sat around the table i remember my elders, the grandmothers,

my dear mother, the aunts, those who taught me well i feel them when I do my work when i sit in sacred silence i swim in my gratitude

a time for creating new memories a time of tradition, when we bring out our favorite recipes i’m baking a lime oil cake wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving give a thought, a prayer, a donation to those still suffering from hurricanes, and those who have lost everything to the fires that still rage in California

there is no doubt we are living in difficult times i ask that you be present realizing that this moment,  in this breath all is well

i would love to hear one thing that you are truly grateful for

whether in the offering… or in the receiving… i swim in my gratitude

as the holiday shopping starts consider purchasing your gifts at family owned small businesses stop at a family run restaurant to recharge perhaps give the gift of an experience

Heartfelt Energy Work gift certificates available

if you have found my musings meaningful

please pass them on to your friends and family thank you

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