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Happy Spring


happy spring

a time for creating


is from the aramaic phrase

“avra kehdabra”

which means literally

‘’ i will create as i speak”

what are we creating with our words?

every day i write in my journal

i write what i am grateful for

i write what i want to bring into my life

always for my highest and best good

several years ago i was looking for a home

after looking at many houses

 here in town

….i listened to my own guidance

i wrote exactly the way i pictured my home

an upper space for my meditation

a quiet street,

good neighbors,

a private outdoor area

a warm, welcoming glow when i enter

speaking these words as i wrote

then i drew it

creating my little piece of paradise

Isha-Louise on the steps to my sacred space

what have you created?

what are you creating now?


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