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"I get to..." not "I have to..."

Namaste’ I hope you are well, meditating, finding my musings helpful I’ve been thinking of the importance of words lately  especially the words we say to ourselves   how by changing a word or two everything changes

while studying in Tibet my dear Elder would say, “oh today I get to wash our dishes” as though this were a great honor, a source of great joy  and it was

“I get to…”  not  “I have to...” “my friend recently had a birthday, he loves dinosaurs and dragons…I get to…create a quilt for his new bed with dinosaurs  & dragons”  fun and made with love “I have to…make something for my friend’s birthday”  this feels heavy, burdensome and not fun at all

“I have to pick up the kids”   feels like a burden or annoyance “I get to pick up my children”  feels grateful, loving “I have to pay my utility bill”   fear of lack, maybe resentment “I get to pay my utility bill,  in exchange I receive a/c, heat, electricity”  so grateful

my challenge for you….for the next week replace “I have to” with “I get to” if you like, email me with the results I’m very interested in your success 

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