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Mother's Day, the day of the goddess

Mother's Day  we celebrate the goddess creator in physical form this poem i wrote to honor my own mother a great healer, a goddess she left her body  not so long ago

I am…..

I am the gentle hand that heals

I am the dinner table that always has room for unexpected guests with more than enough to share, with food, stories and love

I am the warm smile that encourages your gifts

I am reader, always learning, lover of words

I am bread being kneaded with care to nourish the family

I am the compassionate one as stray dogs, cats, snakes and birds ‘follow’ the children home

I am nimble fingers that make old clothes new again

I am heart stone, keeper of the healing arts passed down through many generations

I am the celebrator of birthdays, reminding us how brave we are to come to earth

I am the squeaky back door that opens wide welcoming family, friends and those who seek help

I am the light in the window until all are safely home

I am the rock when our hearts had been broken by those who were taken too soon

I am dancer, taking joy in waltzing around the house, in the garden, always dancing

I am the lover of our Earth Mother, honoring each season

I am bouquets of daffodils’ and asparagus’

I am laughter that rings from the heart

I am dreamer where truth unfolds

I am the torch that has been passed

i am…my mother

…..kara emmy’

i invite you to write the story of someone you love who has left the body your mother, grandmother, loved one using her voice after "I am..." see where it takes you and if you're comfortable i would love to read it to all women women who have chosen motherhood and women who have not remember you are a goddess

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