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the season of holiday

Namaste’ the season of holiday is here many traditions celebrate during this time in my family we celebrate 6 December  the night of St. Nicolas i wrote this poem a few years ago as my memory was cast back to other times i hope you find it amusing and maybe reminds that all things are possible

St. Nicolas…aka…Shoe on Window   a clean polished proud little shoe sitting expectantly on the windowsill the pane frosted over with the promise of winter soon to come St. Nicolas Night…remembering…Shoe on Window …so long ago…

St. Nicolas would arrive while we slept and put

small gifts in our shoe

a small stuffed windup dog

a puzzle, a little book

as we got older

scented talc, lip gloss, bubble bath

small treasures…all through our growing years, every year

remembering the other shoe, on the floor,

not as shiny sometimes we

would find cookie crumbs way at the bottom

we were so loved

St. Nicolas Night…remembering Shoe on Window

…a bit ago…

the house on Elizabeth Street in Key West

i told my friends about this tradition months before

they laughed, teasing me

i still smile thinking about waking up on the

6th of December some

years ago seeing my sandal on the pillow

next to me with a large, red

hibiscus blossom sitting in it  i woke that morning,

a smile starting at

the corners of my mouth, soon filling my face

as i became more aware

as my eyes adjusted

 everywhere, every corner

 every space

all surfaces were filled with flowers

  i am sure the island had been picked clean during the night

oh they loved me

all those years, always a surprise in my shoe


i’m now in the winter of my life

in the not too far away

i see a St. Nicolas Night…aka….Shoe on Window

one  year, there i will be, alone

 habit will take over i guess

my well worn, clean and polished shoe sitting expectantly on the


the pane frosted over with the promise of another long winter

  my eye catches a hint of blue in my shoe

 a small robin egg blue box with a white satin ribbon

nothing bad or disappointing has ever come in such a box 

i wonder how it got there

i slowly move towards it

there seems to be a glow, a light around it

  as i move closer, i can almost hear…something…

i reach for this small robin egg blue box

i pull the white satin ribbon

 open the lid

 a light

this most beautiful warm light explodes from the box

i dissolve into a shiny drop of pure love

Ram Ram Sita Ram

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