• kara emmy'

take a breath


I’m writing this Sunday evening

my face still wet with tears

i just returned from the vigil

at the Mosque

 a vigil for those Muslims who

were slaughtered

while praying in

New Zealand

we frequently meet like this 


we met only a short time ago after the

shootings at the synagogue  in Pa.

Jews murdered

while praying


after the school shootings

across the country

after each one

we gathered

we talk of love conquering hate

the only thing that ever has

we talk of standing up

when we hear or see hatred

we are at war

this is what i am asking

for a moment

take a mindful breath

right now

relax your shoulders

release the tension from behind your eyes

take another breath

this is not a Christian breath


a Jewish breath


a Muslim breath


a Hindu breath

this is a Universal Breath

remember we are one

there are no others

those who commit these atrocities

have forgotten this

they have turned their back

on the Light

on God, Ram, Allah, Jesus, Yahweh,

Buddha, Krishna, Shiva

we are ONE

take that breath

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