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words how carelessly we use them at times i’m not sure what sparked this, but over the past few weeks several folks have asked my opinion, my feelings all relating to words these specific words “all things are neutral” & “everything happens for a reason”

well here i go… my knowing is that these two phrases are untrue how are children being taken from their parents, put in cages “neutral”? what could possibly be the “reason” for the torment that the children and parents are gong through? how was the murder of six million Jews and four million others “neutral”?

what “reason” for all the parents whose children were murdered while in school? how could the crimes of a sexual pedophile be “neutral”? the mother in Syria holding her dying, starving child “neutral”? what has happened to our planet, what possible “reason”? and the good, the wonder of earth when i sing the morning chalisa

or when we swim in our  gratitude nothing neutral there i feel that these words, these untruths were perpetuated by the adversary to keep us from feeling to keep us from moving forward to keep us from stopping these atrocities to make us numb, complacent please understand i am not, by any means saying that those who say these words are part of the adversary, not at all when we hear an untruth over and over again it may feel like a truth

when someone is going through a struggle please don’t say “everything happens for a reason” it defuses, it minimizes it’s not “neutral” to them

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