What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique which promotes healing. Rei is spiritual consciousness originating from Creator. Ki is life energy. Reiki is the Life Force which is guided by the wisdom of Creator.

Reiki is a gentle method of stress reduction. It complements and supports medical and health care treatment plans. The Reiki belief is that a Life Force energy surrounds and flows through us. When the Life Force is waning, the immune system may be compromised and susceptible to stress and illness.   

About Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing.

Rei, meaning spiritual consciousness that comes from our Creator; 

Ki meaning life energy. Reiki meaning the wisdom of the Creator that guides Life Force.


Reiki provides a natural, gentle method of stress reduction that complements and support all forms of medical or other health care treatment plans. It is based on the idea that an unseen, life-force energy flows through and around you, and that when this energy is low, you are more susceptible to stress and illness.


Reiki provides stress reduction and deep relaxation which, in turn, helps our body strengthen its immune system and restore the balance necessary to promote wellness. Reiki can do no harm.


The balance of mind, body and spirit achieved through Reiki can bring about deep calm and relaxation, assist the body to fight and prevent sickness, help relieve the stress and anxiety inhibiting decisions. With stress relieved and energy in proper balance, the mind and body are free to focus on achieving and maintaining health and wellness.


Reiki is not a religion, has no dogma and is compatible with all spiritual beliefs. 

the peaceful way to health and relaxation