Reiki Healing Sessions


Distance Sessions


dear hearts

during this very difficult time


isolation, safe distancing,

a new way of being,

due to 

the covid-19 pandemic…for the remainder of 2020

i have lowered my fee for “distance”  Reiki and Theta Healing Sessions

from $150 to $85.  


a “distance” session looks something like this…

my client is in a place of comfort where we will not be disturbed for approx.  90 min - 2 hrs.  having a glass of water near 

something to put over the eyes  the client phones me

at the time of appointment 

i use a surrogate

(bear, rabbit or monkey)

as i work in the physical realm  we then connect…..after the session i look deeper and offer what i “see”

i then put their name

on my Puja table

where they

will receive Reiki prayers

for 30 days

Reiki Healing Sessions are approximately 90 minutes and are by appointment only
clients often say being on kara's table is like being on a cloud or being snuggled in a protective nest
"I feel very refreshed and seem to be thinking more clearly." "I think I fell asleep." "I can't believe how hot your hands got!" "I feel more relaxed than even after a massage." "My headache is gone." These are some of things people typically say after a Reiki session.
laying fully clothed, one may feel a warmth flow from kara's hands
Achieve energy balance between mind, body and spirit and learn how to keep it in balance to relieve stress, prevent sickness, improve decision making and more. 
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Reiki 6-month Transformative Experience

This transformative experience includes: 
  • Twelve Reiki Healing sessions over 6 months  
  • Weekly Distance Reiki
  • Email & Text access
This six month treatment plan is for those who are ready to make major changes in their lives
contact kara with any questions or to get started
the peaceful way to health and relaxation